„Mein Profi(t)abend“

Wuppervital is organising a free impulse evening on September 05, 2019 about self-motivation. Come to the "Open Arena" of Babtec and let yourself be inspired by success trainer and multiple Hawaii-Ironman Alfred Honermann as well as sports TV host Martin Schneider (ZDF)!

Man gets ready for the run with his orange sports shoes.

The aim is for each participant to be able to build, evaluate and constantly use their own active house. First, Alfred Honermann, successful professional and sports trainer and multiple Ironman in Hawaii, introduces the successful concept. He shows that only motivation also means illusion and that every participant should create his own light bulb moment.
Sport television host Martin Schneider and Alfred Honermann will fill important contents of the Vital House with life and provide practical examples. Enough time is also planned for special interests and questions of the participants. As an innovative software company, Babtec frequently supports the movement initiative Wuppervital and invites participants to the beautiful forum at Clausenstraße 6. Admission starts at 18.30 pm.

 If you register at short notice at www.wuppervital.de, you will definitely get a place. Please note that the event will be hosted in German.