BabtecCAQ: User-friendly, Customizable, Future-proof

What is it that constitutes quality? Quality means reliability. Professional partners are much asked for, helping businesses to continuously improve their products and processes. Through all industries, the CAQ software of Babtec Information Systems GmbH meets any demands in the advance planning of quality-related processes, quality assurance and project quality management. In the meantime the system supports continuous improvement – user-friendly, customizable and future-proof.

A user-friendly CAQ system will improve employee acceptance on all levels. BabtecCAQ's web-based services enable all involved members of staff – even beyond Quality Assurance – to easily participate in quality-related processes.

Users as well as businesses benefit from deploying a customizable CAQ solution. BabtecCAQ comes in modules and can thus meet the most various of business demands. User-specific authorizations make sure that workflows are adequately, distinctly and securely mapped.

Future-proof software solutions can offer competitive advantages only by continuous improvement. With Babtec's releasable standard software model, company-specific applications will always retain their updatability, customization notwithstanding. More than 8,000 people all over the world rely on BabtecCAQ with its innovative features and cutting-edge technology.

On this year's Control trade show Babtec will once more furnish proof of this by presenting BabtecCAQ, one of the top-selling German CAQ systems, at booth 5230 in hall 5.