BabtecCAQ R6 Offers QA Web Portals for All Mobile Devices

What if you were able to access your quality-related production data in real time on the fly - everywhere? What if analyses, reports and personal tasks were automatically available to you, regardless of your brand of mobile device? With BabtecCAQ R6, this idea has become reality: The system’s variable Web portals are now available on all mobile devices, from Android and Windows smartphones or Blackberries up to and including iPhones or iPads and even Linux devices.

The big advantage is the intuitive accessibility and configuration of the so-called Babtec Apps included in the Web portals: These are easily set up inside the system and are accessible world-wide via the Internet. Apps like the mobile Management Portal with its plethora of configurable key figures and charts can be individually adjusted to their users so that every employee or manager gets exactly the data they need – everywhere and in real time.

BabtecCAQ R6 offers a selection of pre-installed apps which offer comprehensive tools for the creation of analyses and key figures, charts and personal to-do lists. The software’s intuitive user interface simplifies the individual adjustment of the Web portals: Upon one single mouse-click, every employee concerned has the required data available on their mobile device. This new limitless flexibility is what makes BabtecCAQ’s QA portals the universal tool for representing the QA department inside and outside of the company.