Babtec Publishes 2019 Edition of Q.Magazine

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding: The latest Q.Magazine is out with a new, updated look. On its 36 pages, the magazine reports on the most recent and exciting topics in the world of quality. In the cover story, renowned quality expert Dr. Benedikt Sommerhoff discusses networking, agility and honesty when it comes to quality.

Spannende Themen, aktuelle Diskussionen und interessante Einblicke in Ihrem Magazin für Qualität!
The Q.Magazine is published annually at the Control trade fair.

The new Q.Magazine was published in time for the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance, the 33rd Control, which took place in Stuttgart. The magazine hasn’t only made huge advances in terms of its aesthetic; the complete overhaul of the layout means that it’s now following all the latest design trends, and it’s certainly packed with winning content: A broad spectrum of specialist articles, exclusive interviews and the latest highlights of Babtec products are all on display here. Our first-ever 36-page format enables selected trade authors to share their knowledge and industry experience in quality with our readers.

This edition starts with an exciting look at the new rules of the game which definitely apply to quality management due to data floods, more complex products and a high level of dynamism in innovation. DGQ expert Dr. Benedikt Sommerhoff also explains in his cover story how important effective communication and networking between business partners is for good quality management.

Dr. Markus Reimer gives us a glimpse into the role of a quality management auditor in his article on agility in modern companies. He shows what organizations really need to focus on when quality is the name of the game, and how a quality management system can contribute to this.

The exclusive interview with the Managing Director of Babtec, Michael Flunkert, and Lutz Krämer, Head of Products, takes a look at how and why the classic CAQ concept is changing to make space for a digital Element Q in quality management. This issue of the Q.Magazine also offers many other interesting topics to its readers, such as the new FMEA alignment, explained by industry expert Dr Alexander Schloske, or the new Release 7 for the BabtecQ software. Q.Magazine is available in PDF format and as an e-magazine, or can be ordered by mail, free of charge.

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