BabtecQ Go

As an extension to BabtecQ, our new user interface BabtecQ Go ensures that your employees have access to quality-relevant data and processes throughout the entire company network. The modules of the browser-based frontend access the data base and the business server of your BabtecQ system. And best of all: the standard software does not have to be installed locally in advance.

BabtecQ Go: your extension to BabtecQ

Quality Concerns Everyone

BabtecQ Go is not only the modern, browser-based work interface for the quality manager, but also involves the management and employees of all departments in the creation of a common quality within the company. In this way, all employees make their contribution, because quality concerns everyone - it is decisive for the success of a company. The user, whether expert or quality beginner, knows what to do at all times thanks to the intuitive operability and user guidance. They work their way from left to right through the task or measure, while the level of detail is increasing from level to level. Colour-coded function fields facilitate the processing of quality tasks.

Manage Your Documents – Company-Wide

Manage your documents

Since the control of documented information is required by standards for quality management systems (e.g. ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, etc.), the new document control in BabtecQ Go offers a simple way to make all quality-relevant documents available throughout the company. With the rights assigned to them, employees can access, edit or release all relevant information throughout the company network via their web browser. In this way, the software systematizes your document control and ensures that quality-relevant information is controlled in conformity with standards.

You can find more information on the document control solution page and in the product sheet at the bottom of this page.

Processing of a document

With Oversight to Efficiency

Tasks and actions in BabtecQ Go

The Tasks and Actions modules also benefit from the browser-based front end and integration into BabtecQ. As both user interfaces use the same database, users can always access all active and completed tasks and actions without having to install the standard software on the respective device. In this context, BabtecQ Go also offers an optimal overview: tasks as well as actions can be viewed in the list view before they are edited via a clearly arranged "overlay".


Processing tasks and actions

Important Information at a Glance

There is no question about it: important information as well as current figures, data and facts about the quality of products and processes benefit all parties involved. Therefore, all employees should be given access to such information. Our browser-based front-end BabtecQ Go provides the basis for all employees to participate in quality management and quality assurance processes via their available web browser.

Screenshot showing quality key figures in the dashboard

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