Offline Audit with Babtec: Compact and Mobile

The latest upgrade to the Babtec Audit Management system means you can now perform audits when you're not in the office – independently of the CAQ system. The sophisticated yet user-friendly design of the new Offline Audit Tool helps auditors perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Uncomplicated data synchronization ensures they can swap data between the Offline Audit Tool and Babtec.Q securely.

Babtec's audit management software supports its users at every stage: in planning, during implementation, and when creating comprehensive documentation sets for customer, supplier and internal audits. In developing its Offline Audit Tool, Babtec has made it possible to perform audits, with full software support, independently of the CAQ system. Auditors working at external production sites or at a supplier's location are often unable to access their own CAQ system. Using the Offline Audit Tool they can now use mobile end devices, such as laptops or tablets, to evaluate all their audit-related queries directly on site and identify deviations.

This means they can take steps to sort out any areas of weakness that are revealed by quickly defining which measures should be taken to correct the identified deviations. Printed checklists and handwritten evaluations are now a thing of the past. The seamless integration between the Offline Audit Tool and Babtec.Q also means that corrective measures taken on site can be tracked efficiently later on to evaluate their effectiveness.

The user-friendly design of this independent and compact Offline Audit Tool ensures audits to be performed quickly and easily: This tool includes all the functions you need to perform an independent audit. Queries can be evaluated sequentially. If necessary you can simply use a menu to toggle from one section or query to another.

The planning and preparation stages of an audit are still carried out centrally, in the Babtec.Q Audit Management system. An intuitive, easy to follow wizard helps you check audits in and out. The automated import/export function means you can transfer any data quickly and reliably between the systems at the click of a button.

CAQ specialist Babtec will present these and other highlights at Control 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany: Hall 5, Booth 5230.