How to Perfectly Master Quality Assurance Data

With dynamic measure management, perfectly monitored APQP and a sophisticated management tool for audits, BabtecCAQ turns over a new leaf in quality assurance and management. In new release 5.16, the range of services has been increased by some vital functions and current industrial requirements.

The centralized measure management module from Babtec offers ideal support for the Continuous Improvement Process and for this reason is being used by more and more companies. Savable filters provide a current status overview by using dynamic time domains. A previously saved filter will generate overviews which are always up to date and show all open measures that, for example, are pending for the next week from "Today".

The new version of BabtecAPQP offers optimized planning and monitoring by introducing fixed dates and schedules in the form of milestones. These will support the structured planning of clearly distinct project phases. The system will monitor the scheduled dates and automatically send information about deviations which could endanger the project's schedule. This enables workers to implement correctional measures in good time.

Deviations which have been discovered while running an audit are to be documented by means of catalogues and checklists. This is what the BabtecCAQ audit management module is for. In release 5.16, queries can now be worked in a more variable way, because – in the case of more than one deviation occurring – multiple answers can be given to one query. They can be handled and monitored separately, and remedial measures can be assigned individually.