QMS: For Successful Quality Management

Quality – it’s no longer just an internal company standard. This is because legal requirements on product safety have multiplied and become more stringent, and this means that every industry needs to have a high level of product quality.

QMS for all industries

The importance of QMS is steadily increasing as companies strive to meet these quality requirements. The software follows the entire production process. It documents, analyzes and archives data relating to quality. It enables continuous improvement to be made by detecting the sources of errors and thus enabling them to be eliminated.

BabtecQ is a modular QMS with functional areas that you can configure yourself.

Modular: Adapted to Fit Your Products and Processes Perfectly

QMS: Adapted to your needs


Our QMS BabtecQ can be set up so that it is customized to your specific needs. You can integrate all quality processes which are relevant to your company using the system’s modular structure. This means that you can also add other processes at any time using any module from our portfolio. The modules are linked with each other and therefore work well together.

Configurable: Personalized Interfaces for Your Quality Tasks

Configurable QMS: Personalized Interfaces for Your Quality Tasks

You can customize the user interface to adapt it to your requirements with a high degree of flexibility. You can simply add new fields yourself, or hide them or optimize their sequence order for your processes. In the event of a software update, all pre-configured settings are retained.

All in All: Quality Is Under Control With the Right KPIs

QMS: Quality Under Control

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential control elements in companies. They sharpen a company’s perception of opportunities and risks. Make your processes visible: Our QM software BabtecQ offers you extensive options for defining and monitoring your own key performance indicators. All this can be seen at a glance. You can thus meet the quality management system requirements of ISO 9001:2015 with our QM software BabtecQ.

Furthter Features pf the QMS

  • Supports all relevant quality-related standards
  • User-specific profiles with clearly defined access rights
  • Automatic processes for communication and reporting
  • Project-specific adjustments (customizing)
  • Centralized action and task management
  • Electronic signature
  • Connect customers and suppliers via cloud applications
  • Can be easily integrated into your existing IT landscape
  • Client capability, e.g. for operating across multiple sites
  • Configuration of company-specific reports and forms

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