Q.Focus: Supplier Assessment

The Babtec experts are back! In this Q.Focus webcast, Q specialists Lars van Straelen and Daniel von Sondern will show you how you can perform a supplier assessment with BabtecQ and share it directly with your suppliers via the cloud-based platform BabtecQube.

Exemplarily, the Babtec experts evaluate suppliers in the "Complaint Management" module. Here, the assignment of user rights enables individual adaptation and refinement of the standard evaluation via filter dialog and pivot mode. The targeted supplier assessment then takes place in the "Supplier Cockpit" module in BabtecQ. Individual evaluation criteria are stored by defining the hard and soft facts. Based on the defined criteria, the supplier key figure of the respective supplier is automatically calculated and displayed as a traffic light factor. The supplier assessment can be shared with the supplier in the classic form of a standard report in BabtecQ or via the cloud-based platform BabtecQube. The supplier cockpit also enables the supplier development over the years to be viewed, including a presentation of the total supplier key figure for the period under review.


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