Webcasts for Quality

With our webcasts, we bring quality management to where you are: Whether in your home office, office or garden – our video series are as flexible as you are! In the regular video updates, Babtec specialists and Q experts from research and practice discuss interesting industry and product topics. Are you ready for your world of quality?

Quality Talk

In our digital discussion sessions, we talk about important and current topics of quality management with experts from science and practice. Here, interesting thought-provoking impulses are given, exciting questions are raised and experiences are shared. In the discussion, we illuminate different points of view, develop concrete approaches and thus jointly shape a modern, future-oriented quality management.


Quality Talk with Lutz Krämer and Dr. Markus Reimer Future QM? Status and Need for Action Dr. Markus Reimer & Lutz Krämer


In our Q.Focus series, we concentrate fully on special technical and product topics regarding quality management. Explanations of current industry topics are just as much a part of this series as a close look at our solutions for professional and digitalized quality management. Babtec's experts present exciting solutions for typical QM issues, product innovations as well as tips and tricks for BabtecQ software and the BabtecQube cloud platform.


QM experts Lars van Straelen and Daniel von Sondern in discussion Q.Focus: FMEA and the Quality Loop in BabtecQ The further developed FMEA module and its links to other modules of the QM software Babtec expert Lars van Straelen Q.Focus: Preventive Maintenance Cyclic monitoring with the maintenance module in BabtecQ. Unsere Experten zu der Software für Qualitätsmanagement Q.Focus: How to Manage Qualifications and Trainings The modules for employee qualification and training in BabtecQ. CAD Integration Q.Focus: CAD Integration Module integration in BabtecQ (Part 1 of 4) Incoming Goods Inspection Q.Focus: Incoming Goods Inspection Module integration in BabtecQ (Part 2 of 4) Complaints and Actions Q.Focus: Complaints & Actions Module integration in BabtecQ (Part 3 of 4) Lars van Straelen, expert for quality management at Babtec Q.Focus: Supplier Assessment Module integration in BabtecQ (Part 4 of 4)