Quality Cockpit

Key figures are essential essential control tools for your company. They enable clear assessment of performance and focus attention on uncovering risks and opportunities. On top of that, they help with clearly specifying measurable targets and attaining the company’s goals.

Transparent and Centrally Managed

The new Quality Cockpit delivers the most important performance indicators at a glance
The new Quality Cockpit delivers the most important performance indicators at a glance

Decision-makers can quickly use the bundled information for strategic planning and thereby increase awareness for critical success factors in the company. With the Quality Cockpit, you always have the most important key figures clearly available on your screen. For easy company-wide communication and thanks to modern browser technology, these key figures can also be accessed on tablets and smartphones.


Central Quality Monitoring

Receive all networked information in a central location, automated and in real time, about the quality of your processes and products – evaluated according to your own specifications and labeled using clear traffic light statuses. With the Quality Cockpit, all decision-related information is always available to every responsible employee, regardless of whether they are the quality manager, internal auditor or managing director. 


Seamlessly Connecting to Your Software Environment

External data sources can also be seamlessly integrated along with the integration of the company-wide QM system. You can, for example, access data from ERP systems, Excel files and other databases. You individually define what your Quality Cockpit looks like, based on your requirements. Users themselves decide in terms of a modular system which key figures should be used to monitor the performance of the company.


Tracking the Development of Key Figures

Detailed depiction of a key figure history
Detailed depiction of a key figure history

If you look at key figures over a longer period of time, they provide detailed information about whether the quality processes in your company are functioning properly. At a defined interval, the Quality Cockpit can be used to store the actual value of a key figure and to review the development over a specific time span. In this way, a progress diagram is obtained for each key figure, which shows how it has developed. Thanks to the integration of measures, improvement actions can also be created directly, for example if the key figure deteriorates.


Graphic with a heart and a portrait image of Anna Heinemann on the classic Babtec grid in the background BloQ: Favorite Feature Dashboard Software developer Anna Heinemann presents her favorite feature in the BabtecQ software. Complaints Management Complaints Management Reduce complaints - for satisfied customers and optimized processes. Illustration of a dashed GO BabtecQ Go With our extension to BabtecQ, employees throughout the company network have access to quality-related data and processes.
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