Preventive Maintenance

Machines and tools have evolved tremendously in recent years due to technological progress. As a result, the trend is toward increasingly complex production systems. Companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring a high level of availability while further increasing the productivity of their operating resources. In light of this, Preventive Maintenance has developed into an important competitive factor, since the quality of the product is directly related to the functional condition of the work equipment. With Preventive Maintenance, you not only reduce the occurrence of breakdowns and optimize operating procedures, but you can also plan the costs involved in advance.

Extend the Service Life of Your Machines

Software for Preventive Maintenance
Convenient planning of maintenance jobs

With our software, companies manage, maintain and repair machines and tools efficiently and effectively. Complex production systems that include interconnected machines can be combined into plant systems in order to facilitate clear management. A central machine list informs you in real time about the current status of your machinery as well as accumulated fault messages. Adhering to the specified maintenance cycles is essential for monitoring machines. Various methods for defining time intervals are therefore available in the software. Maintenance orders for the machines are automatically and periodically created according to the defined intervals. These maintenance orders can be supplemented with images and clear work instructions so that the employee assigned to carrying them out is supported in the best possible way. You will always be able to keep your eye on which machines need maintenance or whether scheduled dates have been exceeded.

The implementation of and feedback from maintenance and repair orders takes place via the integrated order management of the maintenance software. Determine clear internal responsibilities or commission external service providers with the implementation of maintenance orders. Maintenance orders can also optionally be processed and reported back without direct access to your CAQ software – simply via web browser in the company’s own intranet. The effective fault management system with its cross-departmental notification of faults and breakdowns furthermore ensures that all employees of your company can actively take part in the maintenance processes. Directly plan repair orders in order to be able to promptly respond to stoppages. Responsible employees or the machine owners can automatically be informed daily by e-mail about faults, e.g., as part of shift changes. 

Using maintenance and repair for long-term success

The history of every machine is an essential element for mapping its life cycle as well as for the ongoing development of your own maintenance strategies. Completed maintenance and repairs as well as relocations, accumulated faults and status changes, including costs incurred, are seamlessly and automatically documented here. Changes in maintenance plans are tracked as well using clearly designated versions. If new requirements have arisen for an existing maintenance plan, users can prepare these requirements in a draft version parallel to the currently released version.

In addition, you can save solution strategies for repairing failures and thus gradually develop a knowledge database in order to retain specialist knowledge long-term in your company. Convenient management statistics are available to you for a targeted analysis of your maintenance data. In this context, verify the effectiveness of your maintenance strategies by using key figures (e.g., maintenance costs, failure frequencies or fault analyses). 

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