Document Control

A quality management system can only be effective if all employees have access to all necessary information within the scope of their activities. For this reason, standards such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 13485 require that documented information is specifically directed within the company. Via our browser-based frontend BabtecQ Go, quality-relevant documents can be easily viewed, edited and directed throughout the company network.

Distribute Documents Systematically

Clear folder structure in our Document Control
Clear folder structure in our Document Control

Our software systematizes your document control and enables a standard-compliant management of your documents. Thus you minimize sources of error in your QM documentation permanently. Quality-relevant documents, such as process and work instructions, quality guidelines, standards, process plans, check lists, forms, organizational structures and job descriptions can be created, updated, managed and archived quickly, easily and above all in a structured manner.

The clear folder structure ensures that you always keep track of your documents. And if the folders correspond to the organizational structure within your company, you can reflect the fields of responsibility you have defined at the same time.The employees responsible for document control do not need to install any additional software at their workstations. As long as the employees are in your company network, the Document Control can be easily used via the web-based frontend in the internet browser.

Structured Working with Workflows

Editing template for documents
Editing template for documents

In a workflow, you determine who is allowed to edit, check or release a particular document. For each new document, you use existing workflows and save time in planning. E-mail notifications inform those responsible as soon as a task is due according to the workflow. In this context, you can benefit from our flexible role system: if the responsibilities for document control change, the workflow remains unchanged and another user with the same role takes over the tasks.

All BabtecQ users also have the advantage that their current documents are always available in the dashboard. If information is required for the completion of an activity, your employee can open the document there and read the information. The reading of a new or changed document can also be confirmed directly on the dashboard.

Quality Cockpit Quality Cockpit Keeping an eye on all key figures – identifying risks and opportunities. Audit Management Audit Management Efficiently use the experience gained during an audit. Illustration of a dashed GO BabtecQ Go With our extension to BabtecQ, employees throughout the company network have access to quality-related data and processes.
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