CAD Integration

Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications are standard in companies with a high manufacturing depth. CAD software helps to design products and to simulate their behavior in a wide range of applications. With our software solution, you save time and use the resulting data to improve the quality of the products generated.

Use Drawing Information for Quality Assurance

CAD Integration in BabtecQ
Automatic detection and stamping of drawing dimensions

When planning quality inspections, valuable information can be gained from drawing information: At the touch of a button with BabtecQ, convert product characteristics and dimensions from drawings into quality-relevant inspection characteristics for your inspection planning or part approval process. If the drawings are available in a standardized CAD exchange format, inspection characteristics can be generated directly from the drawing details, including the characteristic name and product specification as well as the upper and lower specification limit.

Especially when creating initial sample inspection reports, CAD integration contributes significantly to minimizing time and effort. Clearly identify inspection characteristics by stamping the drawing manually or having it stamped automatically. To support the inspection process, the position on the drawing is traceably displayed for each characteristic. Thus transparency and clarity are ensured.

Part Approval Process Part Approval Process / PPAP / PPF Carry out initial sampling on the basis of defined inspection characteristics. In-Production Inspection In-Production Inspection / SPC Intuitive and practice-oriented planning and execution of test processes. Quality Cockpit Quality Cockpit Keeping an eye on all key figures - identifying risks and opportunities.
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