Babtec Qube – The Cloud-Based Platform for Quality Management.

The digitalization and networking of processes across company boundaries are some of the major challenges for modern quality management. Global supply chains and an increasing supplier share in manufacturing products mean that new directions must be taken in successful partnerships between customers and suppliers. Babtec Qube is a cloud-based platform which you can use to link your company with all of its business partners to ensure that quality processes are digitalized for all companies in the chain.

Well Connected

Well connected in the Qube

Connect with all of your business partners to optimize your cross-company quality processes together. Business partners who are not using Babtec software work on this using a free web program, which they can access any time via their web browser. All partners can thus be directly connected to their CAQ software.

Perfectly Secure

Perfectly safe

High standards in accordance with European law and the most advanced encryption technologies ensure that your data is secure. We thereby ensure compliance with EU privacy protection in accordance with 2018/87/EU and secure storage of your data within a data processing center on European soil. All data is transmitted using SSL encryption. This procedure is a widespread standard and is used, for example, for online banking and purchase transactions on the Internet. SSL encryption is supported by all current Internet browsers.


Working Together

Working together

Work with your business partners continuously on a single document and provide them with your results with just a click. Status changes and information about new complaints, for example, can be found in a central location in the Babtec Qube. All entries – made by yourself or your business partner – are synchronized immediately. Both parties thus have access to the most up-do-date status of the complaint process. Babtec Qube enables joint optimization of business processes across company boundaries.


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