Exciting developments in our company, interesting and research-based technical articles on topics of digitalization and quality management as well as everything else that you should know about us – up-to-date and enriched with service information. Welcome to the Babtec news! 

New Software Module for Warranty Management

Collecting and analyzing field data are the main tasks of an effective warranty management. Professor Stefan Bracke from the University of Wuppertal is convinced of this. He and his team have supported the CAQ provider Babtec with the development of a new… Read more

The 7 Capital Sins of Quality Management

Introducing a quality management system is no easy feat. Something frequently goes wrong before any success stories are written. At a presentation, the CAQ provider Babtec reported on the seven capital sins of quality management – and how to avoid them. Read more

See What's Going On Immediately

Key figures are essential control tools for companies. They use them to get accurate evaluations of their performance and increase their awareness of risks and opportunities. Babtec's new Quality Cockpit software tool brings together all the most important key… Read more

Maintenance – a Case for Quality Management

Only when all machines are operating flawlessly is it possible for companies to successfully produce quality. For this reason, the implementation of a state-of-the-art maintenance strategy is a central component of an efficient quality management system. The… Read more
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