The User-Friendly Future: All New Babtec App for Windows 8

The future of operating systems will be dominated by app concepts. The future of CAQ apps for Windows 8 begins now: the all new task management application by Babtec is a user-friendly add-on for all quality managers who want to keep an eye on their assignments while on the move.

The new app allows users to edit their assigned tasks directly in BabtecQ, even when they do not have access to the system on the whole. All employees can therefore be involved in quality-related processes comfortably and without the need for additional software licenses.

Every user can only see the tasks relevant to him. Like all Windows 8 apps, the Babtec app can be displayed as a desktop tile. Live data concerning new tasks is shown directly on the tile or on the LockScreen. The user can instantly see all current information without having to start the app itself.

The task management app can be run on Windows 8 Pro as well as Windows 8 RT. Especially users with mobile devices like tablet computers benefit from that, being able to check on their assignments while on the move – anywhere, anytime.

The app can be found under the name Babtec.AM and downloaded free of charge at the Windows Store.

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