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Good cooperations require effective communication. This is diverse and usually does not follow a regulated process: Communication is personal, individual, not necessarily transparent for outsiders and therefore can often not be measured. Effective communication between business partners requires expedient, structured and transparent documentation from the start. In a joint initiative with DGQ, Babtec supports companies in taking their internal and external communication to the next level.

Promoting quality together

Modern production is characterized by close connections between companies. This is an agile network in which each business partner contributes to the quality of the products. And makes it all the more challenging to bring structure to diverse and unstructured communication content, both internally as well as across companies.

For users, the introduction of the new, cloud-based service Qube.SPOT creates undreamed-of opportunities. They can communicate with internal and external users at no extra charge – regardless of whether the respective company uses BabtecQ or not. Whether for general concerns or concrete tasks and actions – the application possibilities are almost unlimited. And the application examples are just as diverse: Whether for ideas, tasks or actions to govern work procedures or for process optimization: Users choose what they want to use the service for. Spots are created internally and allow users to edit within their own company, whilst external spots target cooperation across company boundaries.

Many traditional quality tools, such as complaints management, are only used once problems have already been identified. However, preventing complaints in the first place is in the interest of all parties involved. A way of working and thinking that aims at prevention and cooperation promotes product quality and simultaneously improves business relationships. The logical step: Create a spot, add the employees, suppliers or customers concerned, start editing and solve the problem together.

Transparency and universal usability

Kommunikationstool Spot auf einem Tablet
The Qube.SPOT allows you to work on the quality of your products and processes with your business partners.

Knowing the processing status at any time and knowing what to do next is what enables good and targeted communications. And thanks to the chronological documentation of processing steps and the current status, spot participants that join the project at a later time can be brought up to speed quickly and without the aid of third parties. This ensures that even a large number of participants can maintain a good overview of steps that have already been performed and can react quickly to new developments.

Working with the Qube.SPOT is intended to be easy. That’s why operation and usability are similar to those of well-known, private communication tools. Spots can be  created and edited using the Internet browser on any smartphone or tablet. With the aid of the smartphone’s camera, users can capture and document defects quickly and easily and share them with other participants.

Smart communications using spots enables a quick and easy exchange of information and solution finding that prevents quality problems before they occur and ensures that no opportunities are lost. This not only improves the quality of your products and processes, it ensures true cooperation between equals.

What Is the Qube?

Global supply networks and an increasing supplier share in manufacturing products mean that new directions must be taken in successful partnerships between customers and suppliers. With the Qube, Babtec offers companies a cloud-based platform which they can use to connect with business partners to ensure that quality processes are digitalized for all companies in the chain. From outsourced incoming goods inspections to processing complaints and assessing suppliers: Take cooperation in quality management to a completely new level.

Qube.SPOT is a new service that Babtec has made available on the innovative platform free of charge. It is the universal communications tool in quality management and Babtec’s contribution to the joint initiative “Quality Comes From Connection” with DGQ (German Association for Quality). General, quality-related concerns, tasks and actions can be created in Qube and shared and edited with employees or business partners.

Would you like to learn more about the functions? Just have a look at our explanation video.

Collaboration: digitalize your quality processes internally and across company boundaries Collaboration With the BabtecQube you work together with your business partners on quality. Solutions Our Solutions With BabtecQ we provide you with all QM tools in one software. Task Management Action Management Task and Action Management Document tasks and measures directly in the relevant processes.
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