Just an Update Away - The New Release 7

It’s nothing new to hear that we combine all the market requirements for a comprehensive Element Q, offering state-of-the-art quality management with just one software: the integration of all quality tasks, connectivity to company soft- ware and cooperation across company boundaries. Allowing you to depict the en- tire range of internal and cross-company quality processes today. With the brand- new Release 7, we take the Element’s three dimensions to a completely new level.

For quality you will love to share

BabtecQ Release 7 User Interface
The new user interface can be adapted individually and allows fast, central access to all modules.

To ensure that you will enjoy working with our software and use it efficiently, operating it has to be easy. Or to put it differently: You can only expediently work on quality if you have a high-quality and at the same time user-friendly solution. That’s why, with Release 7, we have simplified a lot of your work processes with a more intuitive operability.

Adaptable user interfaces with configurable color palettes provide a modern look. And to make sure you always feel at home in our software, you can now adapt BabtecQ to your own, individual corporate design. In addition, the new, integrated search helps you find the exact tool you need, when you need it, in no time.

Any modules you have opened are depicted in tabs, along with the associat- ed catalogs. This means several modules are displayed and can be used at the same time – true added value for clarity and efficiency. You can easily undock any tab, e.g., modules and the associated catalogs, and place them next to one another.

BabtecQ Release 7 Dashboard
The welcome page has been replaced by a freely configurable dashboard with extensive features.

For an even better overview, you can work with individually configurable dashboards in the new Release. And you get to choose whether you use the dashboard as a central information channel for all parties involved or as an overview over your to-dos. Giving you a central place to immediately see where action is urgently needed. You can also embed shortcuts into the dashboard for faster access, regardless whether the shortcut is for mod- ules or websites you use regularly.

With its fresh design, modern operability and new func- tions, using the software is similar to using a modern Internet browser to surf the web with ease. And best of all: Switching from R6 to the new Release 7 with its extended scope of services can be done with a conventional update – entirely without complex migration processes.

Centrally manage and share CAD product specifications

CAD-Integration in BabtecQ R7
The new CAD Integration recognizes product specifications automatically and makes them centrally available to other modules.

Design drawings are an essential foundation for all quality processes. They contain all the requirements that the finished product has to meet. The software relieves your employees in dealing with the high complexity of products, as it eliminates time-consuming manual transfer and provision of product specifications. Based on the provided data, all the characteristics that need inspecting can be derived to assure quality all around.

From now on, we not only offer you a new scope of services with our own CAD Integration, but also enable you to adminis- trate requirements easily and efficiently. Here, your CAD drawings are the foundation for the consistent monitoring of characteristics in every Q process. This allows you to work even more effectively with product specifications and product characteristics in future.

With the aid of CAD Integration, product specifications from all current CAD systems are automatically recognized and distinctly stamped. The specifications are made available centrally for use in inspection planning and part approval processes. Administrating and comparing different change levels is equally possible. New drawings can be easily compared with older ones and inspected for deviating product specifications. Guaranteeing that the current and correct change levels are always taken into account in inspection planning and the part approval process.


Quality comes from connection

Quality is not just created in your own company, but especially by interconnecting with other companies. By connecting Task and Action Management with the new cloud-based service Qube.SPOT, you can promote cooperation with your business partners.

This allows you to share and edit tasks and actions, which you create as usual in the BabtecQ modules, both internally and across companies, all with the help of a connector. Your business partners can either use their Babtec software for ed- iting or can react directly using the browser-based services in the cloud. Likewise, you also have mobile access to tasks and actions at any time.

In combination with Qube.SPOT, task and action management is flexible in almost all quality areas and can be used for the most diverse application cases. If, for example, a deviation is found during a supplier audit, agreed corrective measures can be initiated directly and shared with the supplier for mutual processing. Or have you been looking for a simple solution to integrate all your plants and subsidiaries into your Task and Action Management for a long time? Here it is!

The new Release 7 helps you meet all Element Q requirements and allows you to bring your products to market with even more confidence. Confidence that comes from knowing your own products have a quality you love to share.

Element Q for Improved Quality

The innovative, adaptable operating concept and functional upgrades improve work processes in the BabtecQ software. The proprietary analysis of CAD drawings allows central management of product requirements and automatically provides other modules with this information. By doing so, the software of- fers documentation of quality-relevant char-acteristics with consistent content.

With its cloud-connectivity, Task and Actions Management takes cooperating with busi- ness partners and digitalizing cross-company quality processes to a new level. In addition, interfaces have been further developed in order to significantly simplify connectivity to SAP and other ERP systems.

Want more information about our new release? Then take a look here.

CAD Integration CAD Integration Recognize product specifications automatically and make them centrally available. Overview BabtecQ The Comprehensive Software for Quality Integration, connectivity and collaboration - the Element Q for better quality. Quality Is Transitioning Integration, connectivity and collaboration - the Element Q for better quality.
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