Supplier Cockpit: Let's Be Clear...

The quality of your products and processes is hugely dependent on the quality of your suppliers’ products and their reliability. Product Manager Florian Kondziela explains how the Supplier Cockpit from Babtec takes supplier assessment to the next level.

Continuous assessment and classification of suppliers brings many advantages with it: It can help you to detect risks early, to develop relationships further in a targeted manner and to prevent costs arising as a result of inadequate performances. In addition, prompt and transparent communication reinforces the trust necessary for cooperative partnerships hugely. As a result, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, among others, stipulates that suppliers have to be assessed. Companies that have to manage and assess many suppliers come up against their limits fast if they don’t have supporting systems. For them, a software that manages supplier and product documentation and supplier assessment in a simple, structured manner is indispensable.

Next-level supplier assessment

The Supplier Cockpit from Babtec enables all relevant key figures to be determined in accordance with the company’s specific requirements. The areas that need to be assessed using a key figure can be established individually, e.g. Quality, Purchasing or Logistics. The time period and frequency at which the assessment is carried out can be selected as wished. The Supplier Cockpit is ready to take on the future, as it is connected to the cloud platform Babtec.Qube. This enables results to be communicated even more easily. Where reports would have been sent by e-mail previously or even printed on paper and laboriously packaged up and sent by post in the past, now a mouse-click is enough to make all the reports automatically available to the suppliers. The current status of the assessment, including all relevant comments and details, can be shared with the suppliers via Babtec.Q, which is directly linked with the Qube. Published assessments can be called up any time, from anywhere, and you can use tablets and smartphones to do this too. A simple click on the straightforward timeline enables you to switch between current and past assessments quickly. To access this, the supplier only needs to register in Qube. The Qube platform is free to use for suppliers.

Numbers and figures create a clear picture

Details such as comments or definitions can be superimposed on the assessment criteria set. The progression of the key figures is also displayed next to the current key figures. Suppliers can follow the progress of their performance, seeing which areas it has changed in over the course of the past years. The assessment can also be stored locally. Suppliers also gain a feedback function which enables them to confirm an assessment with a click. This confirmation is immediately synced back into the Babtec.Q system so that the user can monitor the influx of assessments there, in the event that one is denied then a relevant justification can also be provided.

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