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The new Q.Navigator offers cross-modular search functions in BabtecQ. The Q.Navigator finds and processes information quickly, saving time. It also provides advantages for cross-departmental collaborations within the company.

As a fully integrated module in Babtec.Q, the Q.Navigator searches all quality-related cases in the modules used. The search results are displayed in a convenient overview:

The Q.Navigator sorts the results into different tabs according to module. The number of cases found per module can also be seen at a glance. Using this overview, the user can easily and intuitively navigate into each found case and view it in its entirety or even edit it directly. Search and filter criteria can be combined and the search results can thus be refined. 

This handy search function saves time and effort in searching for crossmodular information about a specific customer, for example. From this customer’s part approval processes through executed or current orders to complaints: The Q.Navigator finds all quality-related information at the touch of a button, whichever module it is stored in. In total, the Q.Navigator searches through up to 15 modules in Babtec.Q. Searching through each module individually is no longer necessary, thus saving time, and all information is easily accessible in one location. This information can even be drawn up in a report. This also promotes crossdepartmental collaborative work within companies, and thereby more agility which extends beyond delineations between departments.

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