Complaint Processing in the Cloud

Handling complaints can take a long time. Frequently, many e-mails are necessary so that customer and supplier can reach an agreement, and sometimes even the fax machine is brought back into action. For Babtec customers, there is now a whole new way of handling complaints: cloud-based and linked with all suppliers.

Digitalization and the networking of processes are among the major issues of Industry 4.0. Global supply chains and a growing proportion of purchased parts are resulting in new challenges for customers and suppliers. When processes extend beyond linguistic and company limitations and different work cultures clash, cooperation between customers and suppliers often becomes tricky.

This is particularly true for the communication process while handling complaints. This often results in a lengthy and complicated exchange, in which numerous e-mails have to be sent back and forth or information has to be exchanged via special customer portals.

Connected to All Suppliers

Babtec Qube is the new cloud-based platform that allows Babtec customers to network with their partners. A so-called connector provides the customer with a direct link between the CAQ system and Babtec Qube. Suppliers can register for the platform free of charge and process complaints directly using a browser. With just one click, the entries are returned to the cloud and from there to the customer's CAQ system. If both the customer and the supplier have a local installation of BabtecQ, the data is seamlessly transferred on both sides directly from the Complaints Management software module by means of a connector.


Sharing Data Securely

The transmission and storage of quality data takes place in compliance with recognized standards. Taking into account the EU data protection provisions in accordance with the Commission’s decision 2010/87/EU guarantees data storage in a data center on European soil. The absence of e-mail, along with certified SSL encryption, ensure secure transfer of data. The cloud is always accessible, which means that users can view the processing status of their complaints at any time. With a single click, data can be shared and customer and supplier entries can be compared with each other.


Suppliers Work via Browser

For suppliers, the Babtec Qube is immediately available without download and local installation. Complaints are handled independently of the operating system directly via an Internet browser. The login process for this is similar to those for popular social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. The supplier only needs an Internet connection. With the free access to Babtec Qube, suppliers of Babtec customers have the possibility to carry out the complaint process according to the structured 8D report. With this method, the processing takes place in eight clearly defined steps. The supplier receives customer complaints directly onto the screen of whichever device they log in on, be it PC, tablet or smartphone. The supplier can document their results and report back their progress in real time via a simple and process-oriented input screen.


The Perfect Process

The result is a significantly leaner process for handling complaints. Customer and supplier are always in contact and work together on one document via Babtec Qube. There is no need to maintain interfaces or exchange countless e-mails. The digitalization of this process shortens communication paths enormously and makes the fax machine disappear once and for all into the basement. The Babtec Qube offers in the first step a completely new way to process complaints: simple, secure, and connected beyond company borders.

This first application in Babtec Qube concerns complaints management. Further cloud-based applications will follow.

The Author

Florian Kondziela, Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (Degree in Industrial Engineering)

Florian Kondziela is a Product Manager at Babtec. He entered the QM industry in 2010 and has been actively involved in designing the Babtec.Q software ever since. As our expert for trends and standards, he is the responsible product manager for the cloud-based platform Babtec Qube.

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