Success Stories

Theoretically we can tell a lot about our software. But what does BabtecQ do in practice? Overcoming challenges, integrating employees and mastering digitization: How diverse companies conduct successful quality management with Babtec is clearly demonstrated by our success stories.

Success Story - Neuenhauser Coming Full Circle With an all-round solution to optimized processes and high product quality. Sikla GmbH - Professional Article from Babtec Quality That Lasts, and Lasts, and Lasts. Sikla, a Company That Moves With the Times: this is how complaints are handled in the cloud. Melitta Great Coffee Grows From Digital Roots How a traditional producer of coffee products uses the cloud. Eickhoff Complaints from the Cloud How Cloud Technology has Simplified Complaint Management. Heinrichs New Quality Strategy Develops Top Suppliers Optimized processes with the supplier cockpit. Mennekes Elektrotechnik CAQ and QM: A Strong Connection Connected CAQ system paves the way to Industry 4.0. Zwilling A Cutting-Edge Combination of CAQ Modules How a CAQ system is connected to existing software systems.
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