SPC Software

SPC software is statistical process control software. It looks at how production processes and service processes could be optimized using statistical processes.

The quality of the products on offer has a significant influence on the competitiveness of a company. Faults in the software are often difficult to trace when they are looked back into, and can elicit high costs due to lost working time and wasted materials. SPC software was specially developed to monitor the production process and perform checks in order to avoid faults like these and safeguard the company’s profitability.

The processes to be investigated are first established and described to prepare for the analysis. Then the measured variables that are needed for the analysis are determined. The measured variables must be constantly measured and recorded during production in order to ensure that successful evaluation can be carried out.

SPC software establishes statistical process control as an important part of quality assurance (CAQ). Here, the measurement values can be statistically recorded and processed automatically.

Why choose SPC software?

SPC can be used to ensure that requirements for quality are be fulfilled optimally by complying with a defined benchmark for quality. However, SPC software alone is not capable of increasing product quality. We need to employ other quality management methods to achieve this, such as FMEA.

Different types of software are used in SPC, including generic calculation software (e.g. spreadsheets) or complete CAQ solutions (such as BabtecQ). In comparison to generic calculation software, special CAQ solutions significantly reduce the amount of work involved. In addition to SPC software, a CAQ system offers additional quality management elements such as FMEA, supplier assessments and process control plans.

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