PPAP - Automotive

Production Part Approval Process

The Production Part Approval Process, or PPAP for short, is a process in the automotive industry which is used to sample series parts. Primarily, this procedure involves assessing the quality of supplied parts and establishing whether they meet the requirements specified. PPAP is a crucial part of the sampling process. It can be used to document all information using tests and requirements. 

The PPAP sampling process is subject to clear rules and standards. This elicits comprehensive understanding and transparency in the automotive industry. Before series production is started, the procedure must be executed throughout the entire supply chain, by every supplier.

The procedure has five clearly defined steps: The part to be tested is first sampled and then classified according to criteria that have been established beforehand. This assessment is then used to decide whether the sampled part meets the requirements satisfactorily or whether it needs to be improved or even requested again.