Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR)

The Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) is an important part of the sampling process as it documents the results of the tests at the “initial sample”. Before a product goes into series production, it must be produced via a series production process under realistic conditions and submitted to the customer for reviewing. This first product batch is called an initial sample. The supplier can then use the ISIR to provide evidence that the delivered products meet the customer’s quality requirements. In addition, the customer can use the ISIR to make their supplier aware of the target and established actual values. Important information on the requirements for product and quality as well as all the necessary tests is summarized in the ISIR.

Why use an ISIR?

An ISIR is executed according to various specifications from the customer and is used to check whether the product is suitable for series production and whether its quality remains consistent when it is reproduced. To see whether this is the case, a previously agreed quantity of units from the relevant delivery is tested and the results are recorded in an ISIR. The objective is to prevent faults in series production from the get-go. In addition, the ISIR can be used to establish fundamental agreements between the customer and supplier. ISIRs can be created to suit different scopes and with different levels of complexity. 

If the product concerned is produced again, this must then be executed under the same conditions and be based on the initial sample.