Our trainings ensure that your employees are competent in using our software from day one. Our tutors convey the necessary know-how to your employees to ensure that they can effortlessly use BabtecQ and can pass on their newfound knowledge to later users. 

Benefit From Our Expertise

The successful use of BabtecQ depends on the users' ability of securely handling the software. We will gladly provide you with training in all performance features you select. Using in-house training, your Babtec project leader will personally teach you the latest developments concerning your QM software.

Your benefits:

  • Practice the things that are important to you and define the topics of your in-house training sessions yourself
  • Learn at your own pace and explore issues of specific applications from your daily work routine
  • Utilize the possibility of a group training session and allow all users in your company to participate at the same time
  • Benefit over the long term: All contents established in the in-house training session are at your disposal after the session is over 

Babtec Academy

You have new employees in quality management or your last training is already some time ago? Then take advantage of the extensive training courses offered by the Babtec Academy. Our experts will be happy to update you with the latest version of your BabtecQ QM software and refresh your knowledge in regular training courses.

Contact Person
Athanasia Tsakiri
Athanasia Tsakiri
Phone: +49 7721 94473-290
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