Our Managing Directors

Since Babtec was founded, Michael Flunkert and Waios Kastanis have shared the business management of the software company. Partnership and communication at eye level are just as important to the two visionaries of quality management as a high level of professionalism and a courageous approach. Get to know your quality partners!

Michael Flunkert

Geschäftsführer Michael Flunkert

Michael Flunkert, MBA (Master of Business Administration), was born in 1962 and studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. During his time as a student he founded a system house that specialized in developing IT tools for quality assurance. In 1994 Flunkert founded Babtec Informationssysteme GmbH with the aim of offering one software system for all phases of the quality process for every manufacturing company. As partner and managing director he is realizing his vision of using quality to make the world a little bit better every day.

Waios Kastanis

Geschäftsführer Waios Kastanis

Waios Kastanis, born in 1963, started his professional career in Sales at Ikoss GmbH, a subsidiary of Thyssen AG. In 1989 he took over corporate management of the Wuppertal branch for softmetal GmbH within the Thyssen group. In 1991 Kastanis moved to Strässle Informationssysteme GmbH, an ERP system house based in Stuttgart, Germany. Since 1995 Kastanis has been partner and managing director of Babtec Informationssysteme GmbH.


Mit starken Partnern an die Spitze des CAQ-Marktes Our Partners Together with our partners, we create synergy effects in the QM sector. Unsere Aktivitäten im sozialen Bereich Improving the Quality of Life You can read more about our social commitment as a company here. Overview Our Solutions With BabtecQ we provide you with all QM tools in one software.
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