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Welcome to Babtec! As one of the leading providers of quality management solutions, we have been providing software for quality planning, quality assurance and quality management since 1994. From APQP and FMEA to Complaints Management – with our modules, we are the right partner for your holistic product and process optimization. 

CAQ for a coffee treat

When optimizing processes and products, CAQ software is also used in coffee production: A look behind the scenes at Melitta.

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The Future of the Car

Developments in the automotive industry are happening at breakneck speed. We asked experts from various sectors what they think will happen in the next ten years.

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Sine Qua Non

Industrial lawyer Philipp Reusch talks about the role of quality management in industry 4.0 and the opportunities and challenges for companies.

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Quality Supply Chain

The supply chain and all companies within are under growing pressure because of current developments. In the Quality Supply Chain participants connect to improve their products and processes. This is made possible by the cloud-based platform Qube that allows working intuitively.

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